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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the founder of whistle blowing web site wiki leaks julian assange launches another salvo in his ongoing legal battles this time threatening to sue the guardian newspaper for libel. he was president barack obama has labeled corporate tax a burger and critics say it is simply a ploy to woo big business. the shocking statistics reveal that every forty minutes of russia a woman dies at the hands of their partners. and in business to give you these russian shareholders deny they're in talks to sell out to anyone. and seal the deal with b.p. to explore for iraq to have more on that and other stories that the bullets.
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you're watching r t twelve noon here in moscow welcome to the program now wiki leaks founder julian assange may be in a legal fight against being sent to sweden over his sexual assault accusations but he is also set for another u.k. court battle he's threatening to bring a libel action against the guardian newspaper which helped release american war logs and secret diplomatic cables obtained by assad is understood to be angry at claims in a book the newspaper published about the whistle blowing web site well the book says a song i believe that informant's mentioned in the leaked war documents would deserve it if they were killed as a result of the leaks and as artie's or evan has found out this is not the only thing the guardian has done to cause cracks in their relationship with a sucker's. they would be exposing us embassy secrets to the world that now wiki leaks in the guardian of left. out of love and it's turning
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nasty in the original agreement between wiki leaks and its partner publications the partners were to help publish cables on the whistle blowing web site blocking out names to protect the innocent was allowed but sources close to wiki leaks maintain the guardian went one step further accusing the newspaper of redacting the cables to suit its own political and editorial agenda something the guardian denies one of the alleged missions focuses on iranian dissident politicians and the guardian. as we said it is. they don't want such things to be known. they will. they cut out everything that was good to. in such a way that either of the guards. would never know how those
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people themselves view. the guardian reports ali had been a is just another political liar an intriguer. but what it leaves out is his why did description of the opposition as lacking organization and preaching problems of ultimate direction and leadership specific opposition figures are. stubborn but not charismatic. courageous but would if you institutional allies hatami cautious and weak all editing that seems to match the guardian's liberal agenda it suggests the iranian opposition is divided something which doesn't fit western narratives in cables about the activities of western companies in kazakhstan the guardian fail to publish details of alleged bribery the actual cable talk of an internal investigation in a western company over five years during which former employees caused the company
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to pay five point two million to agents with their intended disappearance would influence because our professionals to allow the company to obtain business in other words bribing officials to contract to the companies allegedly involved british gas and any italy's gas giant that this isn't necessarily the story that the guardian wants. but it also could be simply that lawyers at the guardian are getting a bit jumpy and saying well look we can't accuse people of frauds because they're incredibly powerful and they're rich and this is one of the problems with the laws of libel and the lawyers at newspapers is that they're actually only afraid of the rich and powerful ordinary people they will say almost anything about them because . these people don't have the means to sue the guardian or was cocky. verging on rude. although britain's prince andrew may have wished the guardian had edited
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information about his behavior in kyrgyzstan more thoroughly elsewhere some media commentators say the reason for the guardian's alterations was to help simplify the information it's still the way it should be done the service material it is so before the t.v. series is difficult to inaccessible it has to be translated into journalism people who understand the guardian declined to give us an interview but did send a statement saying they were directed to cables for two reasons to protect sources who might be face to risk or to protect the guardian for legal action on the u.k. libel law being sued is something the guardian might have to get used to wiki leaks founder julian assange is threatening legal action over the newspapers book which i just contains malicious labels wiki leaks made a political choice when it decided to publish through the guardian a left leaning newspaper that takes a liberal lie but certainly in this case is going to be the wrong one and with the
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guardian's recent publication of a book portraying the newspaper its dealings with wiki leaks in it deeply under favorable lights it's a relationship that's gone truly sour. us president barack obama seems to be trying to win over wall street by asking them to help tackle what he calls burdensome corporate tax but with his appointment of high profile business leaders to government positions it has many questioning where his loyalties lie artie's along the surface more. for two decades jobs and dollars have flown out of the us and across the pacific meanwhile the american people have suffered high unemployment and a diminished standard of living looking for someone to blame politicians point to asian countries on the rise seemingly at america's expense the american people. will have also borne the brunt of china's mercantile trade policies which promote trade surpluses through cheap exports based upon an artificial depreciation of
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china's currency overlooked in washington is the us corporate jungle it's become the elephant in the room this is not the explain to the american working class and to the american middle class they are both destined to oblivion because of all this is decided by corporate boards inside the us which are now global corporations those who agree say it's right here the problem started that us corporations hijacked american jobs and investment dollars taking them overseas with free rein to boost their bottom line fueled by this mindset so we do look allies two ways of the deal there's no work or movements to you know cut us off from our maximization of profits and in the us it appears no lawmakers will try to cut them off either president obama after pushing to regulate the business community has
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taken to embracing it here in the interest of being more neighborly he wants to befriend the u.s. chamber of commerce if we had brought over a fruitcake when i first moved in we would have gotten off to a better start making up for lost time he appointed a j.p. morgan wall street executive to be his chief of staff. and he tapped the c.e.o. of america's fourth largest corporation to head as council on jobs and competitiveness that's jeff immelt of general electric i'm confident that they'll generate good ideas about how we can spur hiring educate our workers to compete in the twenty first century and attract the best jobs and businesses to america rather than seeing them spring up overseas but optimism can overcome reality what's good for a company like g.e. isn't necessarily what's good for america g.e.'s responsibility is to do what's best for g.e. . if that's also best for america great if it's not too bad and that goes for any company but staring powerful corporate money and interest in the face you don't
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hear the president saying that this guy's running for reelection nor the mainstream media beholden to their corporate owners when you have journalists treading lightly around corporate and governmental elites it almost defeats the reason for their even existing the people criticizing corporations it's all about the bottom line find themselves locked out of the conversation like these plant workers fighting their company to keep their medical benefits they argue when it comes to u.s. corporations the priorities are this so it's about profit over people oh yeah definitely definitely profit over people and some economists argue profit comes over america's prosperity too it's quite often that what's good for business isn't good for america lauren lyster r.t. new york. and still ahead in the program memoirs of a pentagon chief former u.s. defense secretary donald rumsfeld who was one of the driving forces behind the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three has published an autobiography in which
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he defends his record and also. find out why the legendary russian military helicopter alligator is so formidable all that's coming up in a few minutes here on our t.v. . now russian security forces have detained three people suspected of helping organize the deadly bombing at moscow's main international airport last month two men and the woman were arrested in russia's republic of and are believed to be relatives of the suicide bomber suspect besta gaiters identified him as a twenty year old man from the north caucasus the attack killed thirty six people and injured more than one hundred chechen warlord and russia's most wanted terrorist doku umarov claimed responsibility for ordering the bombing. now a woman dies every forty minutes in domestic violence attacks in russia meanwhile
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a lack of adequate protection leaves hundreds of thousands of victims unable to report the abuse to authorities while there are help centers for victims but there are few and far between and as artie's if you're not going to show discovered too often the victims end up suffering in silence. it was a vicious cycle that the press had long we had rights he raised it happens on many times i don't for as long as i could when i realized that it could end up i found out about the center where they help women took my child and ran to save my life. it was that this help center. where he really was finally able to cope with the scars left by years of emotional and physical abuse through the thought of my child witnessed it and it's twice as hard for me to understand that i told the aerated all of it i thought i was guilty for something that i've done something wrong. research conducted shows fourteen thousand women lose their lives to domestic
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violence in russia every year that means that every forty minutes a woman dies at hands of her husband tens of thousands more continue to suffer the abuse but the numbers are all approximate because often the victims choose to stay silent about their plight. as store go aspect is a plea here traditionally beatings weren't thought of as a problem beating means loving as they're all saying gold ninety percent of the time women don't turn to authorities for help going to the police is used as betrayal by their husbands the woman is afraid to destroy the marriage whether it's because she can't provide for herself or for the sake of her children. unfortunately existing laws make it hard for victims of domestic abuse to get adequate protection. we must change the legislation so that the government may be able to interfere with the personal lives of citizens in cases of domestic violence
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in soviet times we had such laws but every individual has to be able to prove that they were in the wrong because it means many russian women choose to stay silent about aggression towards them sometimes until it's too late. in egypt constitutional amendments intended to diffuse public anger have backfired after thousands protested in an apparent rejection of the proposals while the demonstrators are maintaining pressure on president mubarak to step down that despite the government and our. plans for a peaceful transfer of power meanwhile the group human rights watch has confirmed that almost three hundred people have been killed since the start of the protests although there is no official death toll given the vice president and that militant islam is thrilled to all qaeda were among the thousands of prisoners who fled egyptian jails during the instability last month held courted by the u.s.
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and israel is now amassing power but many experts say he lacks support from the opposition and the egyptians. saw him i took over as the head of the egyptian equivalent of the cia the general intelligence services in one thousand in ninety three and that's a position he held until two weeks ago when he became vice president each passing day diminishes the appeal of silly mine and he did something very in some ways it undermined his credibility as a power broker with the protesters he organized a meeting with a hand selected group of people that he wanted to speak with i'm including members of the muslim brotherhood and the people who attended the meeting thought it was a talk to talk about talking in other words to set some ground rules for what would be happening but in fact immediately after the meeting he came out and told the egyptian people on state t.v. that they reached a consensus and that the consensus that essentially been what the government wants which is protesters go home and everything more or less stays the same and so
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people who participated in those talks really i think felt had and that significantly diminishes so in minds credibility in egypt. with international focus shifting to the situation in the middle east russia is proposing to send a security council mission to the region with russia's ambassador to the u.n. says it could help provide international support admirable had stalled israeli palestinian negotiations we are making this proposal now because we are concerned about the situation in the middle east as we all know the efforts to restart the israeli palestinian talks at an impasse and the situation in the region is quite fragile. is fraught with further possible complications. if that gets the go ahead it would be the first security council mission to the middle east and over thirteen years well the proposal comes as the latest round of israeli palestinian talks
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ended without significant result russia is a member of the middle east peace quartet along with the u.s. the e.u. and the united nations the group met last week on the sidelines of the munich security conference and strongly backed the idea of strengthening the council's role in negotiations. well don't forget there's always more news and analysis on our website that's r t v dot com and here's what's lined up all live right now switzerland spends billions of dollars on its army and even has compulsory military service allows the country is not involved in conflicts locals are pushing for a complete album of the armed forces. and russia will no longer be changing the clocks twice a year to find out why and what benefits this may bring that to our website that's called for our you tube page.
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to. be official. from. the. palm of your. dot com. former u.s. defense secretary donald rumsfeld has been promoting his memoirs highlighting his years as a pentagon chief while in an interview with
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a fox news channel he not only defended the iraq invasion but he also called guantanamo bay's detention center one of the finest prison systems in the world brian becker for be anti war answer coalition says it's because of rumsfeld that the world now sees america as complicit in the business of torture. he set up an interrogation regime that allowed a starting of course anchoring with grave that allowed the american government to be understood by the entire world is nothing but torture inc torture incorporated that he helped set up along with the cia not only not only the guantanamo bay which is the un described as a torture center but all sorts of black cold prisons and secret detention centers where people were horribly tortured and murdered in fact and now he has to describe this is something that was good so of course from the point of view of rumsfeld and bush and cheney they want to rescue their image they want the american corporate
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media to treat them kindly they want of course as they do constantly to make mega millions of dollars from this kind of promotion but i think the record is so clear the world recognizes the bush administration as nothing but torture it can at the center of that at the center at the top of the command was donald rumsfeld secretary of defense. for a brief look at some other world headlines prosecutors and it will file a request for a fast track trial of prime minister silvio berlusconi over allegations he consorted with prostitutes and abuse his power he's alleged to have paid for sex with a seventeen year old girl and to use its influence as prime minister to secure their release on charges of there have been violent protests demanding the resignation of the prime minister berlusconi strongly denies the accusations and this vowed to continue to govern. former lives here you know the other charles taylor has boycotted his trial in the hague for
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a second day running on tuesday his lawyer walked out following the court's refusal to accept a key document taylor is accused of arming rebels in sierra leone for power and profit well the former president is refusing to return to the court in a trial that has so far lasted more than three years the opening was delayed for six. months following similar protests. a search is continuing for two swiss girls who are believed to be missing in southern italy their father picked his six year old twin daughters from their mother so when switzerland more than a week ago he traveled to france and then on to italy where he killed himself by jumping under a train at a station and extensive search involves italian french and swiss police. now a new batch of the legendary russian military helicopter the fifty two has been unveiled known as the alligator it is equipped with a state of the art weapons are. checked out the military might of the flying
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russian machine. around a military air base in central russia and that is the common fifty two also known as the alligator and like your superior force receiving the latest batch we ourselves were able to take. back to one of those monsters. facing this thirty reeling in a carom can pierce through armor but obviously that's not the only weapon this aircraft can be equipped with a deep tank. bombs all of them installed on the wings here and make this aircraft a real predator in this crys the cockpit is the great that's it was. one of the main differences of this helicopter from all the other attack choppers in the world the crew which consists of two people they sit side by side just like you'd go to the core of like a point she would wear the clothes suit what you claim you know this is so much
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easier to put together in battle and clear what the grid or the oil its force would do with an attack or do you know that stop. you from we already noticed this unique a rotor system officially called a coaxial rotor system it's a tree. because europe is meant to provide extreme. with these already plates on the sides here and you know you lead your horse off your graft this is just really one predator really hard to get you got his get off or to the century russia. in a few moments we speak to the creator of a computer game depicting the siege of a moscow airport but first kareen is here with the latest business news now corrino we hear that the number of russian billionaires and john says the economy rebounded from the financial crisis so what's the figure now welters according to finance magazine the figure jumped to one hundred fourteen and the wealth of russia's top
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ten richest people increased thirty percent i have the figures in a moment but first to our top story. the russian shareholders of tanking b.p. deny they're in talks to sell their stake to anyone freedman a partner in the consortium that owns half of russia's third biggest oil producer says no negotiations are taking place british major b.p. owns the other fifty percent of the company the russian partners have objected strongly to b.p.'s proposed asset swap and arctic exploration deal with russia's biggest oil producer ross and after they say that deal compromises competitiveness and goes against the terms of their alliance there had been speculation that could buy out kate to clear the way for the deal with b.p. . the russian central bank says it's ready to raise bank reserve requirements to draw cash out of the economy and prevent it from overheating russia is currently the only major emerging market that does not have capital controls that is rules on
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how much money can come here that leaves monetary policy as the control of the central banks so well to fight inflation but raising rates courage is hot money to come to the country to take advantage of the strong returns something the government is keen to avoid. russia's increasing ruble bond sales the. villages seeking to capitalize on investors demand before high interest rates make it more expensive to finance the budget finance ministry plans to debt securities for an equivalent of around two billion dollars. mergers and acquisitions rose by a third in russia last year all the activity still hasn't returned to pre-crisis levels david kranz fields a partner at corporate law firm c.m.s. russia says he expects the strong growth to continue in two thousand and eleven. we're expecting there to be more energy in the market than there has been it's certainly been running at about half capacity since the crash but. no huge increase
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energy enough resources always on was to come across in the servers the most active sectors you know it's no different this year interesting lee respondents said the transportation would be a big search. which was a surprise when they actually when you look at the market you can you can see that actually on the number of transactions which are not going to come in and sent. us to look at the markets and we go to asia where markets are mostly lower than he ended in the red on wednesday with the car industry in the top performance driven by toyota is of great in full cost for this year hong kong stocks are down with real estate issues and losers after an optimistic start in the slips below the waterline on concerns of further policy tightening by beijing. the european stock slipped in early trading on wednesday after a weak session for asian markets with several companies under pressure through pouring results shares of drug makers and if you haven't is one point nine percent of the company reported
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a sharp drop in fourth quarter earnings and said profit for two thousand and eleven is likely to drop between five and ten percent. and fell two point six percent after reporting its two thousand and ten results. and let's look at how the russian markets are doing both the r.t.s. in my eyes it's a trading in the red energy majors losing ground on lower oil prices have to is losing over half a percent look oil is also trading lower bucking the trend though is gas probably gaining more than a quarter of a percent all in my six and the t.v. is recovering following yesterday's losses of the investors dropped the stocks you two on certainty over the upcoming s.p.o. process. the number of russian billionaire has jumped to one hundred fourteen last year as the economy rebound from the financial crisis. that's according to finance magazine which is set to publish its ranking of the country's five hundred richest business men the wealth of the country's top ten increased thirty percent
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almost one hundred forty billion dollars surprisingly chelsea football club owner roman abramovich fell out of the top three for the first time since the magazine started the list last year's top dog was released in the owner of mages to produce a novel leap it's steel who leap frog prokhorov an average listens estimated wealth is nineteen billion dollars. that's all i have for you this hour but don't forget to join me in less than fifteen minutes from now for more here.
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stop going to come back. we'll have a rally will sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage is the black man moving but very little damming the white. and they are the
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